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Lars Edvin Folke Ryding is a Swedish actor. He debuted in the TV series "Mannen under trappan" in 2009. Since then Ryding has acted in several other productions like "Fröken Frimans krig", "Kronjuvelerna", "The Stig-Helmer Story", "Gåsmamman", and several of the films about Annika Bengtzon produced in 2011. He became known internationally with the leading role in the 2021 Netflix series "Young Royals", where he plays the character Prince Wilhelm. He had the leading voice role in the Danish children's animated film "Resan till Fjäderkungens rike".

Edvin Ryding Biography Overview

Name Edvin Ryding
Age 20 years 10 month 2 days old
Born Place Stockolm, Sweden
Birthday 2003-02-04

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Edvin Ryding - FAQ

1. Edvin Ryding Age in 2023 ?
Edvin Ryding Age in 2023 is 20 years 10 month 2 days old
2. What is the birthday of Edvin Ryding ?
Birthday of Edvin Ryding is 2003-02-04
3. What is the gender of Edvin Ryding ?
Gender of Edvin Ryding is Male
4. What is nick name of Edvin Ryding ?
Nick name of Edvin Ryding is Lars Edvin Folke Ryding
5. Where Edvin Ryding was born?
Edvin Ryding was born in Stockolm, Sweden
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