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Mirelly Taylor is a Mexican-American actress known for her performace on ABC’s series “LOST” as Isabella Alpert opposite Nestor Carbonell. That role led to terrific parts in series such as FX’s “Terriers,” and A&E’s/Happy Madison pilot “Big Mike.” She also landed a couple of key lead roles in films to be released late 2013 and early 2014. First up is the western genre film “Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink,” a classic western tale of revenge, where she plays a bad-ass sharp shooting bank robber. She also stars in the film “Roswell FM,” a quirky romantic comedy, playing a radio-show host focusing on the paranormal. At the end of 2012 she also appeared in “Elf-Man” the top kids Christmas comedy on REDBOX opposite Mackenzie Astin (“Iron Will.”) She soon found herself appearing in films like “Serving Sara,” with Elizabeth Hurley, Matthew Perry, and Amy Adams, “Hollywood Homicide” with Josh Hartnett and “Down with Love “ with Ewan McGregor. And she kept going, landing lead roles in “Kiss Me Again,” with Jeremy London and Elisa Donovan, and cult classic “The Prodigy.” But it was her lead performance in the powerful and controversial film “Beyond Honor” that garnered her rave notices. Her theater work includes regional productions of “Les Miserables” as Eponine, “The Rainmaker” as Lizzy, “The Odyssey” as several characters, “Pillow Talk” as Meche, “The Spell” as Katherine, “8 Reindeer Monologues” as Blitzen, and “Senora Tortuga” as Leticia. She also toured nationally with the Kids WB show for a year. She sang lead vocals for Knockturn’al’s music video directed by Brad Furman, and guest starred on many notable television shows which include “Numb3rs”, “PunK’d’, “Las Vegas”, “Crash”, “CSI:NY,” and more.

She is married to actor Brian Tee and they have 1 child.

Mirelly Taylor Biography Overview

Name Mirelly Taylor
Born Place Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Mirelly Taylor - FAQ

1. What is the gender of Mirelly Taylor ?
Gender of Mirelly Taylor is Female
2. What is nick name of Mirelly Taylor ?
Nick name of Mirelly Taylor is Ruth Mirelly Osuna,Ruth Osuna
3. Where Mirelly Taylor was born?
Mirelly Taylor was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
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