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Takako Tokiwa

Takako Tokiwa (常盤 貴子 Tokiwa Takako, born 30 April 1972 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese actress.

Tokiwa was nominated for the "Best Actress" award at the Japanese Academy Awards in 2005 for her performance in Akai Tsuki.

She co-starred with Hidetoshi Nishijima in Amir Naderi's 2011 film Cut.

Takako Tokiwa Biography Overview

Name Takako Tokiwa
Age 51 years 7 month 11 days old
Born Place Yokohama, Japan
Birthday 1972-04-30

Takako Tokiwa - FAQ

1. Takako Tokiwa Age in 2023 ?
Takako Tokiwa Age in 2023 is 51 years 7 month 11 days old
2. What is the birthday of Takako Tokiwa ?
Birthday of Takako Tokiwa is 1972-04-30
3. What is the gender of Takako Tokiwa ?
Gender of Takako Tokiwa is Female
4. What is nick name of Takako Tokiwa ?
Nick name of Takako Tokiwa is 常盤貴子,Takako Tokiwa,토키와 타카코,Такако Токива
5. Where Takako Tokiwa was born?
Takako Tokiwa was born in Yokohama, Japan
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