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Sophie Charlotte

Sophie Charlotte Wolf da Silva (born 29 April, 1989) is a German-Brazilian actress. In the telenovela Caras & Bocas by Walcyr Carrasco she played Vanessa. She played the role of an antagonist in the telenovela Ti Ti Ti. She played Maria Amália, who is the daughter of the protagonist and the sister of her then real life boyfriend Malvino Salvador in the 2011 telenovela Fina Estampa. She's also acted in As Brasileiras (2012); portrayed the protagonist Amora in Sangue Bom (2013), Ritinha in Doce de Mãe (2014), Duda in O Rebu (2014) and Alice in Babilônia (2015).

Sophie Charlotte Biography Overview

Name Sophie Charlotte
Age 34 years 7 month 12 days old
Born Place Hamburg, Germany
Birthday 1989-04-29

Sophie Charlotte - FAQ

1. Sophie Charlotte Age in 2023 ?
Sophie Charlotte Age in 2023 is 34 years 7 month 12 days old
2. What is the birthday of Sophie Charlotte ?
Birthday of Sophie Charlotte is 1989-04-29
3. What is the gender of Sophie Charlotte ?
Gender of Sophie Charlotte is Female
4. Where Sophie Charlotte was born?
Sophie Charlotte was born in Hamburg, Germany
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