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Joanna Lumley

An English actress, voice-over artist and author, best known for her roles in British television series "Absolutely Fabulous" portraying Edina Monsoon's best friend, Patsy Stone, as well as parts in "The New Avengers", "Sapphire & Steel", and "Sensitive Skin". She is a former model and Bond girl. Her distinctive voice has been supplied for animated characters, film narration, and AOL's "You have email" notification in the UK. She has spoken out as a human rights activist for Survival International and the Gurkha Justice Campaign, and is now considered a "national treasure" of Nepal because of her support. She is an advocate for a number of charities and animal welfare groups such as CIWF and Viva!. She has won three BAFTA awards and a British comedy award.

Joanna Lumley Biography Overview

Name Joanna Lumley
Age 77 years 7 month 9 days old
Born Place Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, British India
Birthday 1946-05-01

Joanna Lumley - FAQ

1. Joanna Lumley Age in 2023 ?
Joanna Lumley Age in 2023 is 77 years 7 month 9 days old
2. What is the birthday of Joanna Lumley ?
Birthday of Joanna Lumley is 1946-05-01
3. What is the gender of Joanna Lumley ?
Gender of Joanna Lumley is Female
4. What is nick name of Joanna Lumley ?
Nick name of Joanna Lumley is Joanna Lamond Lumley, OBE, FRGS,조안나 럼리
5. Where Joanna Lumley was born?
Joanna Lumley was born in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, British India
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