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Haruki Iwata

Haruki is the oldest of three sisters. Legendary voice actor Mitsuo Iwata is her uncle.

In the first grade, Haruki began practicing baton twirling, and kept at it for ten years. She has been in the acting and theater industry since her third year of middle school. Her appearances include Alice-in-Project stage productions, commercials, dramas, and music videos. She is described as optimistic and she is often seen smiling or in high spirits.

Haruki Iwata Biography Overview

Name Haruki Iwata
Age 28 years 8 month 7 days old
Born Place Tokyo, Japan
Birthday 1995-04-03

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Haruki Iwata - FAQ

1. Haruki Iwata Age in 2023 ?
Haruki Iwata Age in 2023 is 28 years 8 month 7 days old
2. What is the birthday of Haruki Iwata ?
Birthday of Haruki Iwata is 1995-04-03
3. What is the gender of Haruki Iwata ?
Gender of Haruki Iwata is Female
4. What is nick name of Haruki Iwata ?
Nick name of Haruki Iwata is 岩田阳葵,岩田陽葵,이와타 하루키
5. Where Haruki Iwata was born?
Haruki Iwata was born in Tokyo, Japan
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