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Otis Dhanji

Otis Dhanji (born July 21st, 2003) is an Australian actor. Prior to acting on screen, he acted on stage in Belvoir St Theatre's acclaimed production of the drug trade drama Mortido. Since then, he is known for his role as the young incarnation of Arthur Curry in Aquaman (2018) and his role as Daniel in Talk To Me (2023).

Otis Dhanji Biography Overview

Name Otis Dhanji
Age 20 years 4 month 15 days old
Born Place Sydney, Australia
Birthday 2003-07-21

Otis Dhanji - FAQ

1. Otis Dhanji Age in 2023 ?
Otis Dhanji Age in 2023 is 20 years 4 month 15 days old
2. What is the birthday of Otis Dhanji ?
Birthday of Otis Dhanji is 2003-07-21
3. What is the gender of Otis Dhanji ?
Gender of Otis Dhanji is Male
4. Where Otis Dhanji was born?
Otis Dhanji was born in Sydney, Australia
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