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Regé-Jean Page

Regererai "Regé-Jean" Page (born 27 April 1988) is an English-Zimbabwean actor. He appeared in several television series such as Waterloo Road (2015) on BBC One, Roots (2016) on History, and For the People (2018–2019) on ABC before rising to prominence for his role in the first season of the Netflix period drama Bridgerton (2020). He then appeared in the action film The Gray Man (2022), also on Netflix.

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Name Regé-Jean Page
Born Place Harare, Zimbabwe

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Regé-Jean Page - FAQ

1. What is the gender of Regé-Jean Page ?
Gender of Regé-Jean Page is Male
2. Where Regé-Jean Page was born?
Regé-Jean Page was born in Harare, Zimbabwe
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