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Amina Khalil

Amina Khalil was born in Cairo on the 26th of October 1988. Her uncle is the famous Jazz musician Yehia Khalil. She studied acting at the American University in Cairo. She graduated in 2009 and travelled to the United States where she studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. On 2012, she started playing some roles in Egyptian television series and movies

Amina Khalil Biography Overview

Name Amina Khalil
Age 35 years 1 month 14 days old
Birthday 1988-10-26

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Amina Khalil - FAQ

1. Amina Khalil Age in 2023 ?
Amina Khalil Age in 2023 is 35 years 1 month 14 days old
2. What is the birthday of Amina Khalil ?
Birthday of Amina Khalil is 1988-10-26
3. What is the gender of Amina Khalil ?
Gender of Amina Khalil is Female
4. What is nick name of Amina Khalil ?
Nick name of Amina Khalil is أمينة خليل
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