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Anthony Carrigan is a Massachusetts-born actor best known for his roles as NoHo Hank in HBO's 'Barry', Victor Zsasz in the series Gotham on Fox and Kyle Davies in The Forgotten on ABC. He has also appeared on the Flash, the Blacklist, and Parenthood. He was diagnosed at age three with the auto-immune disease alopecia areata, which causes baldness. He gradually lost all of his body hair, leaving him completely bald by age 30. Carrigan has become an advocate for both body positivity and human rights.

Anthony Carrigan Biography Overview

Name Anthony Carrigan
Age 40 years 11 month 4 days old
Born Place Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birthday 1983-01-02

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Anthony Carrigan - FAQ

1. Anthony Carrigan Age in 2023 ?
Anthony Carrigan Age in 2023 is 40 years 11 month 4 days old
2. What is the birthday of Anthony Carrigan ?
Birthday of Anthony Carrigan is 1983-01-02
3. What is the gender of Anthony Carrigan ?
Gender of Anthony Carrigan is Male
4. Where Anthony Carrigan was born?
Anthony Carrigan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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