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Pam Ferris

Pamela Ann 'Pam' Ferris is a German-born Welsh actress. She is best known for her starring roles on television as Ma Larkin in "The Darling Buds of May", as Laura Thyme in "Rosemary & Thyme", and for playing Miss Trunchbull in the movie "Matilda". She also played the part of Aunt Marge in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban".

Pam Ferris Biography Overview

Name Pam Ferris
Age 75 years 6 month 25 days old
Net Worth 6 million
Height 1.7 meter
Born Place Hannover, Germany
Nationality DE
Birthday 1948-05-11

Pam Ferris - FAQ

1. Pam Ferris Age in 2023 ?
Pam Ferris Age in 2023 is 75 years 6 month 25 days old
2. What is the birthday of Pam Ferris ?
Birthday of Pam Ferris is 1948-05-11
3. what is the net worth of Pam Ferris in 2023 ?
Pam Ferris net worth in 2023 is 6 million
4. what is the height of Pam Ferris ?
Pam Ferris height is 1.7 meter
5. what is the nationality of Pam Ferris ?
Pam Ferris nationality is DE
6. Why is Pam Ferris popular ?
Pam Ferris is popular because of actor
7. What is the gender of Pam Ferris ?
Gender of Pam Ferris is Female
8. Where Pam Ferris was born?
Pam Ferris was born in Hannover, Germany
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