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Lucifer Valentine

Lucifer Valentine is an anonymous and emblematic figure of extreme cinema, known for his first film "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls", the first part of the "Vomit Gore" saga, a tetralogy.

From the second part "Regoregitated Sacrifice" the director will explode the potential of his frankness which has only aroused indignation and confusion during his many years of contempt for his atypical and provocative work.

Lucifer Valentine himself actually presents himself as an incestuous and satanist character, thus blurring the tracks and developing a whole myth around his personality, like his sulphurous and highly bloody saga, by inventing a dramatic biography and traits of fictional characters to conceive his own image of deviant artist, whose notoriety has not failed to embrace over the years in the flow of reality.

A chimerical filmmaker, who worries as much as he fascinates, against whom countless accusing rumors circulate by reporting the decline of actresses at the time victim of this new generation, thus throwing their guilt years later on an extreme performer which, crudely, has a habit of mixing dramatic horror and extreme sadomasochism.

Lucifer Valentine Biography Overview

Name Lucifer Valentine
Born Place South Africa

Lucifer Valentine - FAQ

1. What is the gender of Lucifer Valentine ?
Gender of Lucifer Valentine is Male
2. What is nick name of Lucifer Valentine ?
Nick name of Lucifer Valentine is LV
3. Where Lucifer Valentine was born?
Lucifer Valentine was born in South Africa
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