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Kathryn Davis

Born and raised in Bath, England, Kathryn was introduced to theatre at a young age and has always had a great appreciation of all the arts. Kathryn has accumulated an extensive resume from work in England and Canada in theatre, film, tv and video games. Kathryn is a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto where she earned her BFA in Performance Acting with Honours. Her training encompassed a wide range of theatrical styles from Shakespeare, Naturalism, Mask, Mime, Clown, Commedia dell'arte, Voice & Speech, Movement, Dance and Musical Theatre. Kathryn has also trained in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. She is a strong mezzo-soprano singer. Since graduation Kathryn has worked in tv, film, voice-over and motion-capture with various production companies such as Ubisoft, Brain Power, Shaftesbury, NBC and Netflix. Kathryn has a British RP accent and other accents are very familiar and come easily to her. Kathryn is based in Toronto and holds dual citizenship with the United Kingdom. (Official Website)

Kathryn Davis Biography Overview

Name Kathryn Davis
Born Place Bath, England, U.K.

Kathryn Davis - FAQ

1. What is the gender of Kathryn Davis ?
Gender of Kathryn Davis is Female
2. Where Kathryn Davis was born?
Kathryn Davis was born in Bath, England, U.K.
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