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Ennis Esmer

Ennis Esmer (born December 29, 1978) is a Canadian actor and comedian of Turkish descent. He first came to prominence as the host of Toronto 1's short-lived variety series The Toronto Show in 2003. He has had supporting roles in television series' such as The Listener, Blindspot, Private Eyes, and You Me Her, as well as in feature films such as Young People Fucking and Miss Sloane.

Ennis Esmer Biography Overview

Name Ennis Esmer
Age 44 years 11 month 12 days old
Born Place Ankara, Turkey
Birthday 1978-12-29

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Ennis Esmer - FAQ

1. Ennis Esmer Age in 2023 ?
Ennis Esmer Age in 2023 is 44 years 11 month 12 days old
2. What is the birthday of Ennis Esmer ?
Birthday of Ennis Esmer is 1978-12-29
3. What is the gender of Ennis Esmer ?
Gender of Ennis Esmer is Male
4. Where Ennis Esmer was born?
Ennis Esmer was born in Ankara, Turkey
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